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Publishing this company is intended to introduce PT SWASTIUNGGUL SUPLAINDO as one of the companies engaged in the Contractor, Supplier and General Trade.
Founded in 1992, PT SWASTIUNGGUL SUPLAINDO is ready to participate and answer all the existing challenges, according to discipline of expertise, experience and level of applied advance technology in the field concerned.
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PT Swastiunggu Suplaindo is ready to provide solutions if you want to build a house, shop, villas, warehouses and factories. Such as: home improvement, remodeling shop, renovated villas, warehouses and factory renovation.


We are agent of Harbin Jiuzhou Electrical Co., Ltd. if you are starting a business or want to expand on your current product inventory, then you can browse our extensive list of products: http://jze.en.gongchang.com. We also feature a few of our best products, so we are sure that you will find what you are looking for. Such as: Electric Drive, Electrical Power, Electric Whole Set Equipment, Super Power TM Valve-Regulated Lead/Acid Battery, Power Invert TM, Power Smart TM 3000-10000 High Voltage VFD, Power Easy TM High Voltage Soft Starter, Power Easy TM High Voltage Soft Starter.

General Trading

PT Swastiunggul Supplaindo assist Customer in meeting the various needs of procurement and trading services to the Company. The best quality service at competitive prices is one of value-added to build synergy with your company!


1. Ordinary Member Identification Card GAPENSI Gred : Gred 5 (Gred Five) 2. Certificate of Construction Executing Agency Business Services

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Mangga Dua Square Rukan Blok F35A

Jl. Gunung Sahari Raya No.1

Jakarta 14420 - Indonesia

Telp. (021) 6231 3729
Fax. (021) 6231 1409